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Welcome to Mister Softee Canada We carry the very best peanut free ice cream and frozen treats and bring them right to the doors of the families here in Ontario. Mister Softee is a family owned Business.
We at Mister Softee Canada own all rights and we are officially Trade Marked in Canada. Mister Softee Canada is a brand name that people have come to trust. Mister Softee Canada has a large market presence in the country and the world.

Mister Softee Canada utilizes the latest automotive and equipment technologies to produce a complete ice cream stand on wheels.
The customized truck body is made from rust free aluminum and is powered by the new General Motors Vortec engine. The ice cream is all peanut free delivered via a high efficiency Colderlite Freeze soft serve machine. All our drivers are certified food handlers.
Many of the other components are custom made specifically for Mister Softee Canada.

Mister Softee Canada started serving ice cream to fellow Canadians since 1956.
The year 2006 marked Mister Softee Canada 50th Anniversary still continuing to serve" The Very Best ice cream to fellow Canadians till this very day. Experienced with many events weddings, car shows, motorcycle shows, out door parties, Birthday parties with Mister Softee Canada at your event all guests will get to enjoy The Very Best ice cream.

Planning a company picnic or any function? Mister Softee Canada has been serving The Very Best ice cream for over 50 years Mister Softee Canada is your best option give us a call today.


Head Office: 416-766-2646 Direct Line: 416-919-9100

Welcome to Mister Softee Ontario Canada
Head Office: 416-766-2646 Direct Line: 416-919-9100 mistersofteeontario@live.ca